“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Communication and Transparency

The research and development unit at Elbrit is an integral part of our operation and one parented by a dynamic and expert team dedicated to overseeing the life-cycle of our products and ensuring that standards of researching, reporting and recording drug efficiency and drug safety are upheld and shared transparently.

In order to operate a consistent and cohesive research and development process, our team understands that the science we collect before, during and after treatment is best shared, correlated, compared and corroborated with other industry experts. Our in-house R&D team communicate regularly with doctors, physicians and other medical experts in order to build a broader landscape from which to examine our medicine and its effects. This imparting of knowledge across a network of industry experts allows Elbrit’s R&D team to strengthen our understanding of our product family and its reach within the community.

It is by monitoring, assessing and documenting the success pattern of a drug upon a patient’s health that we can continue to introduce the most innovative and effective products into the marketplace. With transparency and a mutual ethos, we believe the combining of shared expertise coupled with innovative development will ensure our continued commitment to supplying the most seamless and successful courses of treatment for our patients.

Our Patient. Our Priority

We endeavour to produce the highest quality medicine within our power and although our products undergo exhaustive regulatory testing in accordance with health guidelines, all medicines can still carry risk of side effects or adverse reaction. It is therefore important that physicians and patients themselves are mindful and vigilant in the monitoring and reporting of uncommon or unusual changes.

Pharmacovigilance is the science of monitoring, assessing, understanding, analysing and reporting the safety and safe use of pharmaceutical drugs. To learn more about the work carried out by Elbrit’s Pharmacovigilance unit or to submit a question please click here.

We encourage all our patients to be as well-versed and educated as possible in the safe handling and administering of our medications. Here are a few tips to best practice when beginning a course of treatment.

  • Alert your doctor/physician to any historical and/or ongoing medical issues that may interfere or compound a new prescription. These can include but are not limited to: pregnancy, mental health, vulnerable age, breastfeeding and physical or mental ailments already receiving treatment.
  • Ask your doctor/physician what side effects may occur from your prescription and in what time period. Ask when improvements are likely to take effect, so that you can track your progress in accordance with the professional estimate.
  • Always thoroughly read the instructions provided with your medicine. Observe all possible side effects no matter how seemingly minor. Pay attention to warnings about mixing medicines and refrain from participating in activities that are unadvisable during treatment.
  • Adhere to the dosage and timings stipulated.
  • Keep an inventory of how you are reacting in mind and body to your treatment. If you recognise adverse symptoms or unspecified side effects please contact your doctor/ physician immediately.

The Research and Development team at Elbrit are diligent in their efforts to oversee production, monitor and modernise the risks and successes of pharmaceuticals and to deliver to the patient the most innovative, translatable and sustainable course of treatment available.