Making People's Lives Better Since 2014

A team now 250+ strong, driven by innovation, are shaping the healthcare industry with a commitment to making a difference to millions across the country and beyond.

Since founding in 2014, millions of our patients have seen great improvements to their health due to our products. We are enjoying constant growth within the company and therefore have access to yet more treatments and therapies to further heal and mobilise those whose conditions are proving detrimental to their quality of life.

Our team are passionate about all forms of medicine and the science behind each, unwavering in our commitment to deliver the best product possible to remedy any and every ailment.

Specialising in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription drugs, the Elbrit mission is simple: Make Lives Better. We achieve this by providing the highest quality, most affordable products to our patients, creating a trusted brand that they return to in good faith for support in their wellbeing journeys.

Our team share a common vision for the company which is to become a globally integrated healthcare leader with reach across the globe, creating an international network of patients and providers all of whom uphold our ethos of making the planet a healthier and more productive space.

We take enormous pride in introducing our products, services and philosophies to untapped geographies, firmly believing that everybody, no matter their location or circumstance, deserves the very best in healthcare treatment.
Growing at a rate of 100% every year, our reach continues to expand as our facilities undergo approval from UKMHRA and EUGMP, as well as various other countries. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are GMP compliant and are in conformity with domestic and international standards. We are a growing company that endeavours to pilot the healthcare mission forward, developing new products and delivering them to market as soon as possible. It is with precision, pride and purpose that we continue forward, confident that our efforts will continue to be fruitful to millions.

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Elbrit’s State of the art manufacturing facility is GMP compliant and meets all domestic and international standards.

The majority of our products are manufactured in our manufacturing facility. Our manufacturing facility is undergoing the approval process of the UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), the EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), as well as various other countries’ medicine manufacturing regulators.

Our Production Capacity

Solid Orals: 10 million
Capsules: 2 million