Our working life amounts to a great deal of the time we are afforded in which to live on this planet. Those with sense, make it count.

To be fulfilled both personally and professionally is to live a blessed and balanced life. The life in fact, we each deserve.

To work amongst those who celebrate individuality, promote tenacity, foster security and insist upon engaged, forward-thinking answers to the questions not yet posed, is to all at once bear, share and revel in the fruits of one’s labour.

Elbrit Life Sciences has become one of the leaders in pharmaceutical healthcare in India because we have sourced and nurtured the most talented individuals within and outside of the industry.

A mission we intend to continue. Our success is testament to the innovative brain power, vitality and commitment that our team demonstrate on a daily basis. We are incredibly proud of the community we have built here and continuously seek to welcome new talent into our fold with whom to share our ethics and ambitions.

The Elbrit Way

With great passion and rocksteady determination, Elbrit champions a vision of making lives better. This vision in its infancy related directly to the patients we sought to reach and heal but has naturally extended to the lives and greater wellbeing of our entire workforce. It is our belief that everybody should be heard, seen and valued. That everybody’s wellbeing and health is of equal importance. That everybody deserves respect, inclusion, visibility and representation. Without exception.

We have created a workplace that unearths and nurtures talent and that rewards excellence. Our team experiences what we produce, the medicines we manufacture, the markets we reach and the change we exact in our patients lives, and they take pride in their contribution toward it. This knowledge of working toward a common good, coupled with a supportive and inclusive environment in which to thrive, creates an unparalleled level of professional satisfaction and personal peace of conscience.

The Perks

The enduring success of Elbrit Life Sciences depends on the performance and dedication of its employees. We strive to be an employer of choice that attracts, retains and motivates a highly talented, performance-oriented team. Our benefits reflect the deep gratitude we feel towards progressive and boundary-breaking work in the field. We observe our talent closely and foster their attributes to further break glass ceilings and expand our cultural and societal reach. Whether you are a beginner, keen to learn the ropes and to scale the ladder to a leadership future, or an expert with wisdom to impart, we are a company that merits itself on supporting and uplifting the lives of those we employ.

Some of the Key Benefits we offer:

Best Compensation

A compensation structure that is one of the best within the pharmaceutical industry

Incentive Program

Well-crafted incentive program to motivate and reward the best performers

Daily Allowance

Amongst the best daily allowance structure

Career Growth

Accelerated career growth within the industry

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits for staff and family members

Free Medicine

Free Medicine policy for staff and family members

Skill Enhancement

Continuous skill enhancement training program for employees

Open Positions

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