(Adverse Event Reporting)

We have proudly become a leader within the pharmaceutical industry due to our commitment to producing the highest quality of products within the marketplace. This commitment requires a monitoring of any all drugs before, during and after their production period. While we operate a methodical and intensive research and development process, we also understand the complex nature of drugs and the absolute importance of the monitoring and reporting of adverse effects and events in order to provide the premium medical support throughout the duration of treatment.

A number of reasons can contribute to unexpected or adverse reactions to medicine. These can include the unsolicited combining of drugs with opposing compositions as well as the misuse or overuse of measures. Furthermore, factors such as age, pregnancy, breastfeeding and undeclared illness can render patients vulnerable to side effects.

At Elbrit we have employed a strong Pharmacovigilance system within our company in order to regulate patient compliancy, to research and correlate common findings and ultimately to support and prevent adverse effects from recurring once identified.

Understanding Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance, also known as drug safety, is the science relating to the collecting, detecting, assessing, monitoring, understanding and preventing of the adverse effects that can occur from taking pharmaceuticals, largely those unfamiliar to your system or those that clash with changes to your lifestyle or that are a result of irresponsible usage.
Pharmacovigilance is a system for us to ensure that side effects from medicines, treatments and therapies can be identified and further solutions can be medically determined to facilitate the ongoing good health of a patient.
Symptoms can be wide-ranging and complex in nature but we believe any adverse event deserves identification.

At Elbrit we encourage any inquiry no matter how seemingly mild to be submitted for further support.
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