Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond Business

Vigilant monitoring and working in an environmentally responsible manner go hand-in-hand; we pride ourselves on our approach and making the health and safety of our workers a priority.

Our EHS policy starts at the managerial level, whose top-down implementation ensures a workplace and practices that reflect Elbrit Life Sciences’s values from the ground up. From plant design and selecting equipment whose future maintenance minimizes environmental impact to organization structure, we are committed to nothing less than international standards.

Improving Health Outcomes

  • We operate camps designed to study, examine and educate. These include medical camps, specialty camps (for cardiac diseases, or tailor-made programs created for a particular community), school health camps and health awareness camps.
  • In conjunction with our social responsibility activities, we conduct regular check-ups for children in rural areas by checking their Hemoglobin and offering Counselling and Nutritional Supplements.
  • Additionally, we run a scheme in which we offer a free general medical check-up, cardiology screening, and glucose detection check-up for people in rural areas.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

  • We generate around 60% of our electricity requirements by way of solar and wind energy plants.
  • We consciously educate and train our workforce on ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We also operate monthly training camps focused on ways to minimize carbon footprint concerns across all our functional departments.
  • We employ continuous audit and feedback procedures throughout our departments to improve our facilities and ensure a greener approach is implemented wherever possible.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our manufacturing facilities have reduced half our hazardous and non-hazardous waste through new initiatives to eliminate waste, then reuse and recycle.
  • The company has reduced energy consumption by investing in cleaner energy generation, renewable energy, and using waste for energy.
  • Our goal is to impart a sustainable manufacturing design and practices at our existing and proposed new manufacturing facilities.
  • As a part of our continuous social responsibility activities, we are involved in missions to grow and maintain a variety of indigenous trees.

Human Empowerment and Child Welfare

  • Our social responsibility activities largely include helping vulnerable communities. We support, through infrastructure and financial aid, organisations that cater to the special needs of women and children especially in the tribal areas.
  • Our social responsibility programs give special attention to Young Mothers and the social rehabilitation for vulnerable widows.
  • Child welfare and the safeguarding of vulnerable mothers and widows are close to the hearts of our team at Elbrit. This part of our community outreach will always be of primary concern.

These initiatives, spearheaded by a compassionate and resourceful workforce are implemented and improved upon on a daily basis but at Elbrit we never assume that what we’re doing is enough. Our commitment to helping our communities and to helping our planet is strengthened by its commonplace. It is an integral part of our very foundation, without which we would shake.